Jason and Amanda Joy Wells were thirty-something newlyweds who, two weeks after tying the knot in spring 2009, moved into their first home, a beautifully preserved 1949 one owner home filled with charming character (and lots of potential)...not to mention the giant workshop and all the fruiting trees and bushes in the back yard. This site is meant to document the evolution of this house into their home as well as all of the events, occasions and happenings in and around it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Squash Plot

Most of the soil on our property is in spectacular shape...except for the little plot that rests between the sidewalk and our new garden path. It's full of clay. I added some partially decomposed leaf litter and a bag of peat to help it along. Then I decided to transplant some clover patches from the grass free parts of our yard. I'm just winging it...I think I'll join a forum.
In my forum joining search, I came across my new inspiration - Garden Girl. She has converted her Boston property into a giant garden with vertical gardens, raised beds and a mini orchard. I like her style and she's already done what Jason and I are wanting to do, so why reinvent the wheel when we can learn from someone who's already done it...and there's a forum :)
Some other good news...I went to a local nursery (K&K Nursery) in search of some native plants to start our wildscape off with. I mentioned to the fellow who was helping me out that I wanted to keep the frogs happy and his face lit up. He said a woman works there that is wildscaping wise and I was told to have a block of time free whenever I came to visit with her because she LOVES to talk about it. PERFECT. I'm going back tomorrow.

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