Jason and Amanda Joy Wells were thirty-something newlyweds who, two weeks after tying the knot in spring 2009, moved into their first home, a beautifully preserved 1949 one owner home filled with charming character (and lots of potential)...not to mention the giant workshop and all the fruiting trees and bushes in the back yard. This site is meant to document the evolution of this house into their home as well as all of the events, occasions and happenings in and around it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The back yard garden

Here is the design for our cottage-companion-kitchen garden.

Our friend Amy lent us a gardening book called "You Grow Girl", which was birthed out of the website: yougrowgirl.com. This is where I learned about companion gardening, which is: placing plants together that help each other out...like tomatoes and marigolds.
Traditional cottage gardens used this knowledge and planted everything close together to reduce weed proliferation. Certain flowers, herbs and vegetables living snug-ly together help nourish each other, repel pests, discourage certain diseases from taking root and encourage beneficial pollinator and predator insects to come hang out and feast. The best benefit (as an artist) is IT'S PRETTY.
I'm heading off to the garden store to pick up a few goodies then to plant seeds in little cups :)

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