Jason and Amanda Joy Wells were thirty-something newlyweds who, two weeks after tying the knot in spring 2009, moved into their first home, a beautifully preserved 1949 one owner home filled with charming character (and lots of potential)...not to mention the giant workshop and all the fruiting trees and bushes in the back yard. This site is meant to document the evolution of this house into their home as well as all of the events, occasions and happenings in and around it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oats to the Rescue!

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm super excited about this little green terrycloth pouch.  Jason whipped up some to go with a Christmas gift and we had a few left over.  So there is the set up.

We were heading out to Tillie's birthday party yesterday and the shirt I wanted to wear was not quite acceptable.  It wouldn't necessarily classify as dirty but it smelled.....off.  I REALLY wanted to wear this shirt.  What to do?  I filled one of the terrycloth pouches with a cup of old fashioned rolled oats...

...and added a few drops of my favorite essential oil and popped it in the dryer with the shirt for a few minutes.  You know what?  IT WORKED.  Not by masking the smell with another smell...the oats actually sucked the smell up!  This will certainly not become a replacement for actually washing clothes, but in a pinch, this trick works like a charm.

Don't have a terrycloth velcro pouch lying around?  Just use a sock that has lost its twin!  Pour a cup of oats in it (add a couple drops of amber, sandalwood or your favorite essential oil, if you'd like) and tie it up tight.  A few things to note:

  • Don't use it on wet clothes or the oats may turn into oatmeal
  • Make sure the sock has NO holes in it
  • Don't use the packets of Maple & Brown Sugar - or any other flavored quick oats.  The flavor powder may seep out of the sock and yuck up the dryer.

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