Jason and Amanda Joy Wells were thirty-something newlyweds who, two weeks after tying the knot in spring 2009, moved into their first home, a beautifully preserved 1949 one owner home filled with charming character (and lots of potential)...not to mention the giant workshop and all the fruiting trees and bushes in the back yard. This site is meant to document the evolution of this house into their home as well as all of the events, occasions and happenings in and around it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Couldn't Help Myself

I went to the home improvement store with a list. It didn't work out so well.
I don't think I went crazy but my impulse buys threw my plan for today out the window. It started with a fern. Then a rhododendron. Moon flower seeds. Lemon licorice. Jeez. While standing infront of the seed selection I struck up a conversation with a veteran gardener, which was really nice. I like learning new things through a dialogue with someone who's been there. I learned that winter wheat is an excellent 'green manure'.
Anyhoo, when I got home I went straight to work on my shady nook. My friends, Tara and Randy, have this wild shady section in their yard that looks like a forest floor and I decided that I wanted a forest floor in my back yard too...which is easy to do due to the six trees in our back yard. I added the fern, lemon licorice and rhododendron to the coral bell I planted on Monday...then raided my neighbor's back yard for the peonie that keeps getting mowed over. Then I added wild violets and wild geraniums (technically weeds - but pretty) as well as some baby spider plants and swedish ivy cuttings.
Although not technically a true wildscape, it looks wild and will be self sustaining once they all get over the shock of replanting.

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